DWS Changes – Australia

The existing District Workforce Shortage currently in place in Australia for overseas trained GPs is being replaced by Distribution Priority Areas. Read below to find out more.

Its been confirmed by the Department of Health that changes to the DWS methodology are coming into place from 1st July (although no public release has been made available yet)

So What is changing?

The Government are reviewing the current methodology to see how it can better reflect the needs of an area. The current system relies on outdated population data which means that the DWS system is not accurately assessing the medical workforce in towns that have experienced population growth over the past decade.

The DPA for GPs will use a new methodology that takes several factors into consideration, for example, socio-economic and demographic factors of patients, GP services currently available.

The Department will soon be issuing further information which we will share as soon as we have it.

If you have any questions our team are here to help.